Tulisan konyol yang menceritakan segala sesuatu mengenai antah-berantahnya kehidupan! - (Yudha Slamet)



Hey remember all of those vignettes I did for the Hellboy 20th Anniversary show? Well there are still heaps of them to share!

For example, these eight only take us to 31 of 48. I’m sorry there’s so much but there are just too many great Hellboy moments to pass up.

Anyway, the show has come and gone but I split the poster into two 12x18 posters available here in the shop.

(and know that the code PANCAKES will save you some cash if you want to buy both)





Female Captain America cosplayers.

Found here.

Anyone who says anything about demoralizing women for those who picked a skin tight suit for their cosplay can straight fuck themselves because they obviously have not seen Captain’s buns IN EVERY SCENE HE IS EVER IN OKAY

Saving the world, and looking fine as hell the whole time.

*Casually adds my personal favorite*

Cosplayer: stella-rogers

Photography: felicisrook and stella-rogers

(Source: wolverinebites)

ramadhan tahun ini yang katanya adalah dimulai dari nol ya mas, yud.

mas yud dimulai dari nol ya. drizzle gua hancur diawal tahun 2014, asetnya gabisa dijual soalnya harga saham anjlok 413poin, gua gamau rugi mendingan jadi naga gak punya nafas api, kalau dicatur yang katanya sih gajah sama nadi gua belum gerak, masih main di benteng sama menteri. oke sekian dan salam tiga jari!!! #VivaLaMintul

coveran bareng bang adhytia, finishing sih gua. enjoy guys :))